I Went To The Mall Yesterday And I Got Sick

by DiCaprio

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released February 21, 2017



all rights reserved


DiCaprio Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Pink Noise
slate is clean
we got this new disease
eggies for breakfast
cage free
flaccid in the sunlight
do you often think of me
this heart is a mountain
nobody wants to climb
sink in quicksand
barren wasteland
and the east side rockers
with their hair cut weird

liquified in dreams
heavy like concrete
away with all the old shit
deconstruct their monuments
everyone’s addicted to something
body and mind need numbing
i dreamt of a storm
that moved all of this from me
awoke to pink noise
the same fucked up sense of peace
slithering black cloak
home wrapped in thick smoke
and the business men
with their watches on
Track Name: Ectoslavia
engulfed by pristine garbage
and my boring laments laments
the world is shining silver
viewed through the right lens
the outsiders, the avant-garde
the whispering cadence
pulsing strobes, clouds of smoke
never take a stance
no original thoughts

disco kids all cuss and spit
the foul mouthed beauty laughs again
a vacant dream, to hear applause
sit alone, stare at the walls
slow montage of us laughing
privileged drunken fools
i’m speechless in a dream i had
we are broke and without tools
no original thoughts

smoked out zombies mope around
the ghosts of christians passed
rapture ruptures social structure
patriarchy at half mast
try to make it through the day
decomposing all the while
endlessly regressing
perpetually in denial
no original thoughts
Track Name: Return To Babylon
social outcast
humming in moonlight
tap on the door
come inside
count backwards from ten
try not to freak out
the weight is unbearable
modern life

social outcast
body of christ
trust in the word
bang on the door
won’t you come in
nothing is wrong
the weight is too much
nothing is wrong
Track Name: Dark Water
some of my friends, they make really great records
some of them slave away from nine to five
some creatures in this place, they are nocturnal
i’ve been having visions in the night
this lovely home out past the missile silo
you can hear the floor boards creaking up the stairs
don’t let the fumes in through the sealed tight window
the light reflecting rainbows off your hair

in the colonies now, they’re expanding upwards
just a matter of time until we get in their way
and at the concert halls, the youths are not yet jaded
morning noon and night our skies are grey
and this lovely home out past the missile silo
through the wheat fields rife with pesticide
if the revolution fails and we go under
our noises will resound through all of time

dark water
Track Name: Negative Zone
another bad dream
woke with a nose bleed
have you been watching me
wasting my potential
strange tongue down my throat
sweater smells like smoke
i’ve been saving up
for a trip i’ll never take
mumbling in code
nobody that i know
did you ever notice
the eyes are sunken in
negative zone
swallows me whole
every time we’re in the same room
i hope the world ends
Track Name: Black House
i was living in the black house
pining away my days
i was living in the black house
discovering new ways
i was living in the black house
humming Nina Simone
i was living in the black house
getting really stoned
i was living in the black house
wandering, confused
i was living in the black house
searching the halls for you
Track Name: Black Mass
black mass in my room
hovering over me
see it in the daylight
feel it when i sleep
indian summer has come
transformation approaches
i feel warm inside
i feel warm outside
i feel warm inside
i feel warm outside

late at night
you used to calm me down
great storm in the distance
cruising down the avenue
the men are still fishing for sharks
the pigs are still dressed like police
i feel swollen inside
i feel swollen outside
i feel warm inside
i feel warm outside

wade slowly into the sea
dark water is in me
the loss it is tremendous
i become the wolf
bare my teeth at you
retreat at any signs of light
i feel lonesome inside
i feel lonesome outside
i feel warm inside
i feel warm outside
Track Name: Small Bog
i went to the mall yesterday and i got sick. in the alleyway i could hear the dogs coming for me, people spewing out from every gaping hole. the devices all chirping and humming in unison. vexed by all of this i day-dreamed - speaking the language of the praying mantis, slow, half speed, green filter over the lens. i should have been born a reptile, lagoon creature, hatched out on some cool morning. the swamp is my kingdom and none shall pass. the dark parts of me, never there. no solemn promise. no end of the tunnel, no white light. no records with our names in the sleeve. you used to love me for my innate sense of direction.
Track Name: Lions Paw
lonely harmless trying creature
have you seen the death outside
crazy instincts take you over
follow your brother, go into the light
scales that sparkle dull and wild
a soul is a soul and we all got one
crystal healing, foreign music
get some rest, those days are done

feeling lost in the produce section
you think back to easy days
restless heart all full of anger
destroy the systems put in place
light one up for inspiration
nothing comes but winter breeze
they’re all starring out suburban windows
ignore the symptoms deny the disease

abstract thoughts, loner visions
get all cozy curled up in bed
when they come to reap our souls
i’ll be thankful, cloaked in red
Track Name: Blank Plague
no sunlight
leaking into the room
faces lit by 100 watt lightbulbs
we are higher than the moon
i coil and uncoil
i flex my muscles for you
the pain it is cerebral
masked by the digital spew

guided by invisible voices
the highways wet and slick
roam around in retrograde
how long have we been sick
often i think of dying
now that my guts are hanging out
coping with my universe
walking about town

speakers play crisp and loud
harmonizing with the ache
lose it and collapse
at the sound of that refrain
static at the end
blank plague upon the mind
the grass is never greener
there is no other side
Track Name: Hell Face
i was a ghost in the city
the power lines like veins
monitors were shining brightly
a vacation from the factory
i was a ghost in the kitchen
spoiled milk was my blood
at night i skate out past the tombs
the things i keep are hidden

seconds passed and minutes passed, lit myself ablaze with love
the ships have left their ports
summers passed and winters passed, spent drowning in the tank of death
where did the money go
i was an apparition in the hall, ivy twisting up the wall
some clean air to breathe
has society tricked you into thinking
that you are fat and unhappy
you are a glowing ancient bird
those fuckers are rotten and hungry
drive past the abandoned bus depot
how the structures do decay
i was a black hole sucking in my self
kissing on the face of hell

i was a ghost in the back yard
the branches curved like veins
fog sits low and thickening
most things remain unseen
i was a ghost upon the freeway
vehicles were vessels of blood
rain comes down all slanted
dark water, soft, wet, mud.